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2018 World Cup ticket prices will be considerably higher

Stu Forster/Getty Images

If you thought CONCACAF and CONMEBOL setting ticket prices for the Copa America Centenario high was annoying, wait until you hear what FIFA are planning to do. On Tuesday, the world soccer governing body announced that ticket prices for the 2018 World Cup in Russia will be raised for foreign fans.

A 16 percent raise from the 2014 tournament will be seen according to the Associated Press.

The most affordable tickets for group stage games will sell for $105, a $15 increase on the equivalent tickets in Brazil two years ago.

The most expensive "category one" tickets for the final retail at $1,100.

This applies to people who live outside of Russia, while residents of the host country will receive massive discounts for their tickets. Their most affordable tickets will cost around $20. It's not abnormal for the host country's fans to get cheaper tickets, but the discrepancy between the prices in 2018 will be huge.

If you're planning on going to Russia in two years, the cheapest option may be to just go ahead and move there now and save yourself a ton of money on tickets.