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CONCACAF 2018 World Cup Qualifying Hexagonal Schedule

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The schedule for the final round of World Cup qualifying was decided today. While none of the teams are known yet, they will be decided by how they finish in the standings come September. The United States are in Group C. They could begin the Hex with a match against Mexico if both teams were to win their fourth round groups. If the U.S. finish second and Mexico finish first, they'd first meet in March of 2017.

Here's the full key and schedule for you to work out the possible scenarios.


Team 1 = Group C Winner

Team 2 = Group B Runner-up

Team 3 = Group A Runner-up

Team 4 = Group B Winner

Team 5 = Group A Winner

Team 6 = Group C Runner-up



Matchday 1 (November 7-15, 2016)

United States vs. Mexico
Honduras vs. Panama
T&T vs. Costa Rica

Matchday 2 (November 7-15, 2016)

Costa Rica vs. United States 
Panama vs. Mexico
Honduras vs. T&T

Matchday 3 (March 20-28, 2017)

United States vs. Honduras
T&T vs. Panama
Mexico vs. Costa Rica

Matchday 4 (March 20-28, 2017)

Panama vs. United States
Honduras vs. Costa Rica
T&T vs. Mexico

Matchday 5 (June 5-13, 2017)

United States vs. T&T
Costa Rica vs. Panama
Mexico vs. Honduras

Matchday 6 (June 5-13, 2017)

Mexico vs. United States
Panama vs. Honduras
Costa Rica vs. T&T

Matchday 7 (August 28-September 5, 2017)

United States vs. Costa Rica
Mexico vs. Panama
T&T vs. Honduras

Matchday 8 (August 28-September 5, 2017)

Honduras vs. United States
Panama vs. T&T
Costa Rica vs. Mexico

Matchday 9 (October 2-14, 2017)

United States vs. Panama
Costa Rica vs. Honduras
Mexico vs. T&T

Matchday 10 (October 2-14, 2017)

T&T vs. United States
Panama vs. Costa Rica
Honduras vs. Mexico