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Watch: bench-clearing brawl ends MNT U-19 vs Bahrain game

The MNT U-19s are ride or die

MNT U-19s vs Bahrain

The MNT U-19s played Bahrain today as part of the U-20 COTIF tournament, currently taking place in Valencia, Spain.

Bahrain was leading 3-1 in stoppage when Pierre Da Silva got tripped by a Bahraini player and another player attempted to clear the ball directly into Da Silva’s head while he lay on the ground.

You can see John Nelson promptly take off in ride-or-die mode from the right side of the screen after the player, who tries to dodge away, only to get shoved in the back by what looks like Brandon Vazquez. It all devolves into chaos from there as both benches immediately clear.

Intentional or not, that’s not a good look from a team about to win 3-1; on the other hand, there’s also no excuse for inciting a violent brawl.

No comment yet from US Soccer on whether there will be disciplinary measures taken, but we’ll keep this post updated as things develop.