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DeAndre Yedlin arrives in Newcastle ahead of transfer

It appears as if DeAndre Yedlin is on the verge of signing with a new club. Rumors began heating up around mid-day on Tuesday that the United States defender was on his way to Newcastle to complete a move to Newcastle United.

It began with Shields Gazette reporting that Yedlin was closing in a move to Tyneside. That materialized into him possibly being on the way to Newcastle for a medical. Now, according to firsthand visual confirmation, the 23-year-old has arrived in the city for his medical.

Newcastle United is a bit of a surprising choice for his next club. After spending last season getting valuable time in the Premier League, and performing quite well, he’s he’s apparently decided to drop a division and get some playing time.

Not to mention that Newcastle are Sunderland’s biggest and most hated rivals. This could be an interesting journey for him. Perhaps this is a message to the Wearside folk that he’s not too pleased about them passing him over in this transfer window.

It’s not known as of yet if this is a permanent deal or a loan, but signs point to this being a full transfer with Newcastle reportedly bidding 5 million pounds. Let’s wait and see what the official details say about the move before fully judging it.