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Newcastle United put DeAndre Yedlin’s dope new hairstyle on their match program

If you’ve been living under a rock this week, DeAndre Yedlin is now a Newcastle United player. He completed a transfer to the Magpies this week for a reported 5 million euro transfer fee.

The Geordies are evidently very happy with their new acquisition as they’ve featured Yedlin and his interesting new hairdo on the cover of their match day program:

The 23-year-old has been known for some very extravagant hairstyles in his time. When he broke into MLS with the Seattle Sounders he had a giant afro type do. It gradually got more inventive over time. However, when he moved to England he cut it short and got away from the lavish hairdos.

He’s finally grown it back out and is now rocking an unique cornrows type of hairstyle that is now on the cover of Newcastle’s match program. His new fans find this pretty entertaining, at least:

Welp. Welcome to Newcastle, DeAndre.

Also, yes, I did just write a blog post about hairstyles. That’s a thing that happened. You’re welcome.