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DeAndre Yedlin absent from Tottenham’s final preseason squad; Precursor to Sunderland move?

Tottenham Hotspur v Atletico De Madrid - 2016 International Champions Cup Australia Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images

DeAndre Yedlin was a noticeable absentee today when Tottenham Hotspur named their traveling roster for their final preseason match against Inter Milan in Norway this weekend.

The United States international has been in a weird spot this preseason. It was widely expected that he’d return to Sunderland early in the transfer window but the manager who brought him along so well last season, Sam Allardyce, ended up taking the England job.

So, he returned to the club that owns him, Tottenham, with an uncertain future. Things were looking up as Yedlin played in all of Spurs’ preseason tournament matches in Australia, but then came Sunderland back into the picture. Their new manager, David Moyes, confirmed the club’s interest in Yedlin.

That’s the last update we’ve received until today when he was omitted from Spurs’ final friendly of the preseason. You’d have to think that it’s not a coincidence that he’s been left out all of a sudden after playing big parts in the previous matches. It appears as if the move could be drawing closer. Stay tuned...