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SB Nation EPL Soccer Blogs Compete for Charity

Good luck to both!

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Last year, The Short Fuse, the SB Nation blog for Arsenal FC, and Cartilage Free Captain, the blog for Tottenham FC, came together to raise money to help out the managing editor at TSF who found himself overly burdened with medical debt. The two blogs made a bet that, if CFC could raise a certain amount of money, they would get to take over their rival's blog for a day. They smashed that goal and the resulting takeover was hilarious.

The two blogs have decided to come together again with a similar bet (don't worry, nobody broke Thomas' arm this time). Whoever raises the most money for their respective charity gets to take over the other blog. The Short Fuse is raising money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, while Cartilage Free Captain is raising funds for Noah's Ark Hospice, a charity in North London partnered with Tottenham FC that supports and assists kids and their families with severe and chronic conditions. The contest runs until Wednesday, August 10. At the moment, CFC has a slight lead.

We here at SSFC love to see good work go to help good causes, and we wish both blogs good luck. As an Arsenal supporter and dear fan of TSF, I personally am wholly biased and absolutely wish to paint CFC with a red brush. However, both causes are noble and worthwhile efforts and we certainly encourage you to take a look and help out both.