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INJURY UPDATE: Aron Johannsson returns to training with Werder Bremen

Could this put ArJo back into the National Team picture?

Werder Bremen

In May, Werder Bremen dropped a bomb on fans that USMNT striker Aron Johannsson would miss the reminder of the 2015-16 Bundesliga season and possibly more with a hip injury. However, Bremen were not giving up on the international striker.

CEO Thomas Eichin said as much.

"Aron still has a lot of time," Eichin added. "He's under contract until 2019."

It’s those hip issues that would likely explain why he’d been struggling so much so that he fell off Klinsmann’s radar altogether. It’s been almost a year since we heard he was out with this hip injury that he couldn’t seem to shake.

Today, we received some good news.

According to the man himself (and his twitter account) he’s back training with the first team. He told the German newspaper Weser Kurier that he is pain free”. In that same interview he said that "The greatest pain was not being able to play football."

Expectations should be tempered and I’m sure Werder Bremen are thinking the same. This is a nagging nerve injury in his hip, which means while he maybe pain free now, one wrong knock and it’s back to square one.

If he can prove he’s fit, he needs to be brought back into the National Team picture. With Jozy Altidore returning from injury as well, the United States National Team striker pool just got a bit deeper.

If you ask me this is a good problem to have.

Will he be match ready for the next batch of World Cup Qualifiers in less than a month? That’s a tough question to answer, but we can sure hope so.