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Carli Lloyd has her own hot sauce

Lloyd is making her own hot takes now

Olympics: Football-Women's Team-1st Round Group G-United States (USA) vs France (FRA) John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Among Carli Lloyd’s many, many achievements, you can now add purveyor of fine and spicy condiments.

That kickin’ pun was too good an opportunity to pass up, apparently. (If you have a better name for Carli-Lloyd-themed hot sauce, please leave it in the comments.)

You can buy the hot sauce in some Houston Krogers, where Lloyd plays for the Houston Dash, or you can score a three-pack online for just $10. It’s fitting that her hot sauce comes in threes, just like many of her goals.

The website has other novelty food items, including Rob Gronkowski hot sauce and Dusty Pedroia black bean salsa, and labels itself “the #1 website for sports and celebrity endorsed products.”

We couldn’t find any nutritional info on the site, but probably safe to say that drowning your food in this will not allow you to perform like Carli Lloyd, but will instead have you feeling like she kicked you repeatedly in the stomach.