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Watch Bobby Wood intimidate this poor goalkeeper and score

Gaffe or no, it’s a goal!

Bobby Wood has scored in his second Bundesliga match, making it 2 in 2 to begin his career in the German top flight. This will never end up on any highlight compilations or anything, but as the saying goes, they don’t ask how just how many. And...well it’s 2 so far.

The USMNT striker was sent in on goal by a pass from the midfield and Leverkusen goalkeeper, Bernd Leno, decided to take a gamble and cut him off before he could get to it. While Leno got to it first, he was awed by Bobby Wood’s awesomeness and lost track of the ball. Wood took advantage and slotted it into the empty net for one of the easiest goals he’ll ever score.

After struggling a little bit against Trinidad and Tobago, it appears Wood has found his scoring boots once again. Let’s hope he keeps track of them for at least a few more months for the beginning of the Hex.