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Watch DeAndre Yedlin score his first Newcastle United goal and celebrate in style

He did what???

DeAndre Yedlin has begun his Newcastle United career in style by scoring a goal in his second appearance for his new club. He’s apparently been coming off the bench as a winger instead of playing his normal right-back position.

Here’s his late goal to wrap up the three points for the Magpies against Derby County:

It might be an own goal but for now it’s his and who cares. You know Yedlin couldn’t resist the chance to hit them with a little dance afterwards, either. He doesn’t score many goals, so he had to take the chance.

While I’m not sure about him playing right wing being good for his long term development, you can’t argue with early results so far. By my count, that’s only his fourth ever professional goal.

Very cool to see him doing well early on in his Newcastle career. Hopefully he continues on and wins a spot in the starting lineup. The club won 2-0 and Yedlin’s goal was the polisher.