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WATCH: Christian Pulisic scores third career Bundesliga goal

An early birthday present!

Christian Pulisic will be celebrating his his 18th birthday tomorrow, but before he does that, he’s celebrating his third career Bundesliga goal. In his second start of the season and in a row, the American prodigy scored a ‘right place, right time’ type of goal in his first league appearance of the season.

Here’s a look at the goal:

The play happened down Dortmund’s left side, the opposite flank from which Pulisic was deployed for the entire match. Marcel Schmeltzer’s cutback pass was intended for a teammate near the penalty spot, but a Darmstadt defender tackled it right to the waiting Pulisic who made no mistake by finishing it into a gaping net.

This is the youngster’s first goal of the season and his third career club goal. In both of his starts so far he’s made a big impact on the team. Despite such a star-studded roster at Dortmund, he’s continuing to shine when given his chances. That only bodes well for future playing time.

EDIT: He’s also added two assists to his day. Also, here he is breaking ankles and destroying lives. Dortmund win 6-0 again.