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Bundesliga is hyping up Christian Pulisic more than we are

It’s human nature for American soccer fans to get overly excited when a 17-year-old (now 18) prodigy breaks into one of the best teams in the world and performs well at the highest level of club soccer.

What’s abnormal about the hype surrounding Christian Pulisic is that Americans aren’t the only ones taking notice. I’ve heard diehard soccer fans from England talk about Pulisic as if he were just another star alongside the likes of Marco Reus or Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

But most eye-opening is how the league itself is putting the spotlight on the Pennsylvania native. They aren’t holding anything back as far as marketing him as the next big thing in their league.

This video pretty much says it all. They go as far as calling him a “young hero” and talk about his season thus far and how far he’s come.

Obviously now that the Bundesliga has a television deal with FOX Sports, they want to market to the American audience and Pulisic is the most obvious candidate. However, they wouldn’t just plaster him on every social media campaign or TV commercial if they didn’t think he had the goods to deliver.

So far, he’s proving them right and putting a lot of American eyes on their product. They have to be really enjoying this run of form and extra attention. Expect the love affair to continue as long as he’s producing on the field to make them look good. In turn, it benefits us, the audience, as they are more likely to put his team’s matches on TV for us to consume.

Hopefully this Cinderella story never hits midnight and we keep this give and take relationship between one of the best leagues in the world going and maybe even expand it further with other young American stars coming through the ranks.