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Jurgen Klinsmann on England manager rumors

The rumor mill!

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Sam Allardyce left his role as England national team manager after being the subject of a "newspaper sting". He spent a mere 67 days in the job, after leaving Sunderland.

You may recall this summer there was a lot of speculation that Jurgen Klinsmann was being considered for the same position, although he later claimed there was no contact with the English FA.

With Allardyce out of the picture, the coaching carousel has once again began to spin and Klinsmann is being connected to it. The Telegraph has him at 12/1 odds. A BBC reader poll lists him as the second most favorable optionYahoo is explaining why he would be a good choice. He's a popular person to connect with any head coaching job, particularly those in England.

However, Klinsmann has thrown a bucket of cold water over any speculation via his official Twitter account:

Klinsmann currently has two years left on his contract with U.S. Soccer (which runs through the 2018 World Cup). Any rumors or speculation would be a big distraction right now for the national team as it prepares to begin the fifth round of World Cup Qualifying, better known as The Hex.

While Klinsmann is probably used to stories and baseless media speculation, it's important that he stomp them out now. Following friendlies in October, the U.S. plays Mexico on November 11th and Costa Rica on November 15th.