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Watch every touch Christian Pulisic had vs. T&T

The obligatory highlight reel is here

Okay, okay, yes it’s another Christian Pulisic post. I apologize in advance, but I figured everyone would want to see the obligatory every touch video of his performance in his first ever USMNT start against Trinidad and Tobago.

In my humble opinion he was awesome. Here’s the video, courtesy of Youtuber “MrBoywunder” for you to judge for yourselves:

Obviously we want to not go overboard on the hype as he’s still just 17 years old, but when a national team player puts on that type of performance in a meaningful match, no matter their age or prospects, there’s going to be a lot of buzz.

When watching the video, don’t just pay attention to his passes or his shots on goal. Really focus on how he collects passes with his first touch and is able to use his body to protect the ball in tight spaces. That’s what the scouts fawn over when they watch him play. It’s that technical ability that will take him as far as he wants to go in his career.

Again, apologies if this is adding to the monumental hype, but the video needed to be seen.