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Washington Spirit avoid Megan Rapinoe’s protest with early national anthem, call it “hijacking” their event

This isn’t going away...

USOC Portraits for Rio2016 Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

If you thought the Megan Rapinoe national anthem controversy was over, you will be sorely disappointed.

Last week the USWNT midfielder made national news by showing support for Colin Kaepernick and his protest of American police officers’ treatment of black citizens. In a show of support, she took a knee before the national anthem ahead of a Seattle Reign match.

Rapinoe stated that she would continue doing so for both her club team and the national team. However, gasoline was poured on the smoldering fire on Wednesday before the Reign took on the Washington Spirit.

Bill Lynch, the Spirit’s owner, a veteran of the military, decided to have his PA system play the national anthem before the players took the field, thus denying Rapinoe the chance for her protest.

The Washington Spirit released an official statement on the incident, in which they say call her anthem protest a “hijacking” of their organization’s event.

NWSL commissioner Jeff Plush had this to say about the incident:

This won’t be the end of this story as it just keeps on spiraling into more and more controversy. Will the Spirit be reprimanded? Should they be? We’ll have to wait and see what the next step for all parties involved will be.