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UPDATED: Landon Donovan comes out of retirement to re-join LA Galaxy

There are rumors...

Landon Donovan Hosts MLS Heineken Rivalry Week Party at Heineken House in Los Angeles Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Heineken

Social media has been set ablaze this fine Thursday by reports that Landon Donovan is close to coming out of retirement and returning to MLS as an active player.

American Soccer Now contributor Blake Thomsen was first to report on the possibility.

After panic and pandemonium set in on Twitter, writer, Sam Stejskal, confirmed he had heard something very similar and wasn’t sure how he’d be allocated within the MLS structure.

Donovan retired after winning MLS Cup with the Galaxy in the 2014 season. He hasn’t played a competitive match since and has been exploring coaching and ownership opportunities.

With the Galaxy losing Gyasi Zardes for the rest of this season with a broken foot, this sort of makes sense. They need attacking players and by all accounts, Landon has kept himself in great shape while away from the game.

This is far from being a sure thing as of right now, but it appears as if it could happen. It would be very interesting to see just how much Landon Donovan still has to offer to the game of soccer at only 34 years of age.

UPDATE: Kevin Baxter of the LA Times confirms the rumor.

UPDATE #2: It’s official! He’s back!

Are you excited about this possibility? Or are you hoping this is all a bad joke?