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WATCH: Jermaine Jones lays into USMNT with 15 minute rant

He says a lot.

Jermaine Jones is outspoken on a lot of topics regarding American soccer and specifically the U.S. men’s national team. After the Tuesday catastrophe that sent shockwaves through the whole community, he sent out this tweet:

Well on Friday, he opened up more about his issues with what’s wrong with U.S. Soccer. He went on a nearly 15-minute rant on his Instagram Live page. Thankfully, some brave soul captured it at put it on YouTube for us to digest. The main focus of his diatribe is aimed towards the European/MLS debate and how players who go to Europe are better trained and more prepared for the rigors of international soccer.

He doesn’t mention too many names specifically, but does recall a particular story about the time Jurgen Klinsmann requested that he call Jordan Morris. This was at the time that the then Stanford Cardinal standout was deciding between his hometown Seattle Sounders and an offer from Bundesliga side Werder Bremen. The full story is quite interesting.

Watch the video and let us know what you think about Jones’ issues. Do you agree or do you think he’s off-base?