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Watch Christian Pulisic steal Arjen Robben’s soul with a vicious nutmeg


Everything is pretty much bad. The USMNT isn’t going to the World Cup. They don’t even have a manager. The player pool is in need of serious need of revamping. Depression is setting in with no end in sight. Then, along comes the one bright light left in the world to offer us that glimmer of hope:

Despite a loss to Bayern Munich, which continues a horrid month for Pulisic and Borussia Dortmund, the young American did make the highlight reel. His unseemly nutmeg of Arjen Robben made Twitter explode with jubilation for the first time since possibly that fateful night in Trinidad.

Pulisic took the ball into the corner only to get double-teamed. His only route of escape was through the legs of Robben. The play eventually resulted in a great finish by Marc Bartra for a consolation goal in the 3-1 loss.

Here’s a better angle of the goal itself:

The sad days are far from over, but at least we’ll have these beautiful moments to hold us over until we get to hop back on that horse.