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WATCH: Christian Pulisic notches late game-winner for Borussia Dortmund


To say it’s been a miserable couple of months for our son, Christian, would be an understatement. After doing everything in his power to try and get his country to the World Cup, only to see his dreams burned up right in front of his very eyes, he’s been mired in a horrid slump along with his whole team.

Finally, with a new manager in place, both he and Dortmund are snapping out of it. Pulisic earned his side three points with a game-winning goal against Hoffenheim in the 89th minute on Saturday with a lovely little touch to take him past the goalkeeper and a simple finish:

This is his third Bundesliga goal of the season. Hopefully this will open up the flood gates for him and Dortmund as they look to climb back up the table and secure a spot in the Champions League next season. At least we have a little glimmer of light in what’s been a dark few months.