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USSF dropped their new 3rd red kit at midnight

Thirsty for the new third kit?

Midnight on a Tuesday is a totally normal time to announce a new kit.

Sure. Anyway, that’s what US Soccer did because it definitely makes sense to wait until midnight and not actually announce red kits on Valentine’s Day, a day heavily associated with the color red.

Anyway this is a thing that US Soccer did.

The WNT will wear this kit at the SheBelieves Cup at the beginning of March and the MNT will wear it on March 24 in their World Cup qualifier against Honduras.

This completely unique uniform for the United States-

THIS COMPLETELY UNIQUE UNIFORM FOR THE UNITED STATES is not at all a template that has been repurposed as a blatant cash grab by US Soccer and/or Nike because as per USSF press release it is “adorned with several patriotic flares [sic] throughout the material, including ‘1 Nation’ and ‘1 Team’ on the inside cuffs of the sleeve, in addition to ‘USA’ displayed on the neckline.”

Will you be getting this great new addition to the US national team kit collection?