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U.S. Soccer 2017 Third Kit Leaks

It’s red.

U.S. Soccer is getting a new Nike kit in 2017. Perennial kit leakers FootyHeadlines has uncovered the new USA third kit and all there is to say about it, is it’s red:

Here’s a full mock-up photo from Footy Headlines:

As you can see, the new red kit utilizes the same Nike template as the other two current kits. Now it just features different colors. Yay.

A tweet from Rob Stone a week ago suggests that these new kits will debut around this summer’s Gold Cup.

To be honest, even with the terrible template, it’s an upgrade from the black, red, and blue away kits that are being used as of now. Hopefully they replace them on a permanent basis.

However, the whole template concept just feels weak, cheap, and lazy on behalf of Nike. The days of the Waldo kits being unique are sorely missed. Hopefully the next round of releases are much better.

What do you think about these?