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The internet is doing Nike’s job better than they are again

This U.S. Soccer mock-up kit is straight fire.

Once again Nike is set to release a U.S. Soccer kit that is pulled straight from their catalog template to match all the other nations who are unlucky enough to be sponsored by them. This Red Wedding of a kit will be unveiled sometime in 2017 by U.S. Soccer and we’ll have to stomach it for at least the next year.

Also once again, someone from the internet community, within just a few days, has designed something totally reasonable, feasible, and 500 percent better than Nike has. Graphic Designer Conrad Burry, who is known for his great mock-ups of soccer kits and logos dropped this simple but so effective redesign of a U.S. Soccer kit even using Nike’s own played out template and it looks so much better.

I mean, seriously...

All this took was basic common sense to create. It’s nothing special or intricate from a design perspective but it looks fantastic. How hard would it have been for whoever is probably getting paid hundreds of thousands (possibly millions) to design the next U.S. Soccer kit to think of this?

Yet again Nike has let us down. We deserve better.