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Watch every glorious touch Christian Pulisic had vs. Honduras

The hype train has reached its destination.

I’m afraid I don’t have any new superlatives to describe how awesome Christian Pulisic was against Honduras on Friday night. It’s all been said by other writers who are much better than myself. I could try and be eloquent and go into a big sermon about how he’s already one of the best American players who’s ever played the game, but I would just embarrass myself and you. There are plenty of pieces out there for you to consume that convey that message, like this one:

Instead, I just have a video to offer. To me, video is the ultimate form of evidence. Words can be stretched and maneuvered to fit your personal narrative. Video is the be-all-end-all of a discussion. Here’s a video of every touch Pulisic had against Honduras in the 6-0 win, in which he had a goal, two assists, and a bunch of moments that left you marveled and just how damn good he is and how much better he might become. Behold: