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USA to host second friendly tournament this summer

SheBelieves 2: The Reckoning

Brazil v United States Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

There have been rumors swirling that the United States would host a second mini-tourney this summer, a companion piece of sorts to March’s SheBelieves.

CBF has confirmed that is indeed the case, with the US hosting for Brazil, Japan, and Australia’s WNTs. This tournament would be played July 27 to August 3, which falls in a FIFA window.

A lot of NWSL teams will be missing internationals at this point since this is also the window for the 2017 Women’s Euro and the NWSL calendar breaks during this period, with no club games the weekend of July 29-30. USWNT players would probably still miss games from the first week in August though depending on the actual tournament schedule; if there are any games on August 3, then players will be traveling back on a day with NWSL games.

It may be a bit of a champagne problem, but it would be nice if US Soccer didn’t actually use every possible FIFA window and instead let the WNT stay with their clubs for more than six weeks at a time. The WNT is also scheduled to play two away friendlies on June 8 and June 11 against Sweden and Norway respectively.

There’s another FIFA window from September 11 - 19 which USSF will hopefully leave untouched, as that’s when NWSL clubs will be in the final stretch towards playoffs and losing critical players would be especially unwelcome.