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Gio Reyna’s winning goal earns U.S. U-15’s Torneo Delle Nazione title

Yes. He’s Claudio’s son.

What a couple of months it’s been for U.S. Soccer’s youth national teams. After the U-20’s won their first ever CONCACAF Championship in early March and clinched a berth to the World Cup, the U-17’s are currently 3-0 in their tournament, well on their way to doing the same. However, it may be at an even lower level where things are looking brighter. The U-15’s won the Torneo Delle Nazione, which by most accounts, contained a very stacked field. New York City FC academy forward Gio Reyna netted the late match-winning goal against England to secure the honor for the team:

It’s very rare you’ll see anything related to this age group on SSFC. I really don’t believe in covering players or teams this young. The U-17 level is where kids start to become professionals, I believe. At the U-15 level, it’s all about development. However, when a U.S. youth national team beats the likes of England, Italy, Mexico, Croatia, and Japan in a prestigious youth tournament, that’s pretty darn newsworthy.

As is the scorer of the winning goal because he’s the son of a USMNT legend. Claudio’s son is a highly rated prospect by all the evaluators. This was his third such winning goal of this particular tournament. What does all this mean? Nothing really. Just that he’s a talented kid doing really cool things and that’s he’s one to watch out for during the next U-17 cycle.

This current U-17 team is a very talented one and if this U-15 result is any indication of what will follow, the next one could be even better.