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Welcome to SSFC: a friendly user’s guide

If you’re new or just need a refresher, here’s a bunch of great features of our site.

You might have noticed that we’re sprucing things up around here as part of SB Nation’s general site overhaul. This is a guide to our site if you’re new or just want a refresher on everything we’re offering. Please feel free to leave comments on the overhaul or questions about the site below!


It’s not just about the top of the page; there’s lots of great content in our sidebars as well. You can find our most-commented articles to join the discussion or jump around to specific sections depending on your interests. Find our top sections from the drop-down menu bar at the top, or scroll down to found our sections sidebar. You can also scroll down to see...

Fanposts and Fanshots

Ever had an opinion about a team or a player you wanted to make outside the limits of a comments section, or thought something wasn’t getting the coverage it deserved? There’s a way for you to make your own posts! Check out our guide to fanposts and fanshots, which are an easy way for you to contribute to the blog - and maybe to get your writing featured if we like it a lot.

Follow us on social media

We’re on twitter and facebook! We have livetweets when important games are on and do a weekly fb live with our man Adam Whittaker Snavely.

Review our community guidelines

SBNation has general community guidelines, which you can find here. SSFC in particular has its own comment policy, which is here. The essence of it is we follow a warn + ban policy (you get one warning, then a ban for a second infraction) and everybody just be cool. You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t already passionate abut the NTs or soccer in general, but there’s another person on the other side of your screen who’s just as passionate. If things are really getting out of hand, remember you can flag comments or notify a moderator.

Welcome to Stars & Stripes FC!