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USWNT superstar Tobin Heath sends loyal fan a gift

What a nice gesture.

Tobin Heath is simply the best. She can make any defender in the world look foolish on the field with her silky dribbling, but she’s also got a heart of gold. As evidenced by a photo that emerged on the interwebz on Monday:

This adoring Heath fan named “Mesut Ozil” posted on his Twitter account, a present that the U.S. women’s national team star sent to him to brighten his day. Just look at how happy he is to receive a the shirt of his idol. It’s even signed and everything.

Heath is currently sidelined with a back injury but still finds time for the little people who cheer her on when she’s doing work on the field. It’s great to see such selfless actions by a world-class athlete to brighten the day of a random fan. We can only hope this gesture of goodwill will go rewarded with a long stretch of healthy soccer for our favorite fearless winger.