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Top 10 USMNT kits of all time

It’s time to settle this, once and for all!

Top 10 USMNT Kits of All-Time

The definitive list of best USMNT kits ever is finally here.

Posted by Stars and Stripes FC on Wednesday, July 12, 2017

With the release of the 2017 Gold Cup jersey on July 1st, the United States has once again changed their look (and it’s a dazzling one at that). It also kickstarted the debate about which jerseys have been the most iconic in our 104 year history. Our own Rob Usry was on the case and created a video documenting the top 10 best jerseys the USMNT has ever worn. The debate of establishing a U.S. Soccer jersey identity has been one that has gone back and forth for years. Everyone has their picks on what the USMNT (and USWNT) should wear at home to establish a tradition. We have settled the debate...or maybe just continued it. Here are the top 10 USMNT kits of all time.

10. 1950 Home

Reintroduced in 2004 as a 3rd jersey, the 1950 Home is an iconic look for USMNT fans. White jersey, red sash, navy shorts, and simple in its elegance.

9. 2014 Away (“Bomb Pops”)

The Bomb Pop jersey was one widely popular among fans during the 2014 World Cup. It helped that the USMNT won wearing the jerseys against Ghana in the opening match, thanks to a John Brooks header.

8. 2007 3rd (“Copa”)

The 2007 Copa jersey was one that fans adore due to its pinstripe design and was very much under the radar for years. Now, it’s one of the most sought after jerseys on the secondary market.

7. 1994 Home (“Denim” or “Stars”)

The swagger of this jersey can never be duplicated. The audacity has never been approached, perhaps until this year. The Denim jersey is the jersey that people either love or hate with a passion. But, we love it and the flair it created for the 1994 World Cup.

6. 2011 3rd (“Red Sash”)

When the “Red Sash” jersey debuted for the 2011 Gold Cup, fans immediately loved the look. It was the USMNT back in red, something that fans had been awaiting for years. The sharpness of the jersey was what made this one of the most popular in history.

5. 2013 3rd (“Centennial”)

The simple white jersey with navy trim and the incredible retro crest is rated highly among fans as one of our finest looks. While we’ll never have the retro crest on the jersey full-time, the Centennial jersey is one that fans will love forever.

4. 2010 Away (“Sash”)

The 2010 World Cup was known for many things, but the Sash look was the most important. The away jersey was one that flew off the shelves and is still regarded among our most flawless looks.

3. 2017 Gold Cup 3rd

Remember the swagger that the Denim jersey had? The 2017 Gold Cup jersey takes that swagger to another level. With the navy and red hoops and the stars on the sleeves, this is one of our finest looks in a long time. Fans seem to agree, as retailers sold out of their inventory within days despite a $155 price tag.

2. 2006 3rd (“DTOM”)

The 2006 DTOM (Don’t Thread On Me) jersey is one that fans loved and has been easily the most sought after soccer jersey of all time. A retro look in red with a navy-and-white sash was a jersey that fans loved then and still love now. It’s easily one of the most popular jerseys ever.

1. 2012 Home (“Waldos”)

You want an American look? This is it. The Waldos were easily the most American jersey we’ve ever had. Red and white hoops just like our flag, navy shorts, white socks, navy trim. It is the USMNT jersey that we need as our identity going forward. There has never been a better, more identifiable look for the USMNT and they just need to go forward with making this our permanent home look.

There it is, the top 10 USMNT jerseys of all time. Now, time to hit the comments and discuss how this list is the most accurate list of all time, and to start the petition to make the Waldos the permanent home jersey.