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Weston McKennie keeps rolling with Schalke

The 18 year old bagged another assist in a preseason game against Besiktas, and it’s a beauty

Schalke 04

Thought you had your fill of Schalke 04 preseason highlights? Well that’s where you’re wrong! The Germans had another preseason friendly, this time against Turkish giants Besiktas, and Weston McKennie did this:

The last time we saw McKennie doing his thing, it was against sixth-division German scrubs. Doing it against Besiktas, a team that is routinely competitive in European play? Not bad. Not bad at all.

McKennie’s skewed closer to a defensive midfielder in his time with U.S. youth national teams, but his passing acumen on display here is very nice. Confronted with some pressure, he switches the ball over from his left to his right, before spotting the bending run of Amine Harit. The run is a very good one, but it also needs a very good pass to make it work, and McKennie delivers the perfectly-weighted ball. As always, good to see McKennie do his thing. If he keeps this up, Christian Pulisic won’t be the only American teenager we’ll be talking about in the Bundesliga this season.