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USA 2018 World Cup kit designs leaked?

These would be something...

Good friend of Stars and Stripes FC and contributor Conrad Burry has come across a supposed template design Nike has chosen for the USA’s World Cup kits in 2018.

As reported by him here based of information received from Footy Headlines, the U.S. with don a white kit with tiny “exploding stripes” on the shoulders and sides of the short. It would also feature a “faded geometric gradient hooped” design as the focal point on the chest. Here’s a sample of the mock-ups Conrad put together:

As for the other kit, he says that it would be primarily a dark “midnight navy blue” with the same “exploding stripes” design as the white kit but in a lighter shade of blue. Full details don’t seem to be set in stone, but this is a general idea of what to expect each kit to look like.

Assuming these are accurate and assuming we actually make it to the World Cup to wear them, what are your thoughts on these as possibly kits?