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Tim Howard, Brad Guzan are comfortable with Jurgen Klinsmann's goalkeeper rotation

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Jurgen Klinsmann has two proven international goalkeepers in Tim Howard and Brad Guzan, and he doesn't intend to name one as the team's starter. Instead, he will rotate the two over the next year or two. It's an unusual move, but one that the goalkeepers appear to be fine with.

"Part of being a goalkeeper is that everyone is competing for one spot on the field," Guzan said Tuesday. "You get used to it. You need to be pushing each other."

"Nothing has changed for me or for Brad," Howard said. "We try to do our best with our clubs, and Jurgen will make his decision based on a number of different factors. But it's not something I lose sleep over."

The options for the two were: say this, or say that their manager is mishandling the entire situation.

This is what Howard and Guzan were always going to say. They may indeed be fine with the current setup, but this is what they were going to say regardless.

It's interesting that Klinsmann is sticking with just Howard and Guzan. The two are not in their best form, while Bill Hamid just finished a season in which he was MLS' best goalkeeper for the second year running. Considering the downward trends of the two older goalkeepers, Hamid's continued improvement and Klinsmann's continued insistence that the team needs to get younger and give the kids a chance, this would appear to be just that opportunity. Rewarding a young player who is first choice at his club and excelling just seems wise, but Klinsmann isn't just opting against that. He's not even putting him in the competition.

So it's Howard and Guzan. Both are happy with it. Or maybe not. They're just saying the only thing they can.