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Landon Donovan prepared for USMNT vs. Honduras by jumping off a taco truck

The night before party was wild.

As is American Outlaws tradition, a big night before party was held near San Jose ahead of the United States men’s national team’s crucial World Cup qualifier against Honduras. In addition to all of the supporters who attended, some special guests showed up in the form of Landon Donovan, Alexi Lalas, and Rob Stone (all of whom will be working the match for FS1). Let’s just say...things got weird.

All three of them somehow ended up on top of a taco truck to give some motivation speeches and pep talks to the crowd below. We’re assuming a little bit too much freedom juice was consumed on the night, because what happened next would have to take a little bit of liquid courage.

That’s right, Landon Donovan, the USMNT’s all-time leading scorer, ended his speech with the sign off of “And go F***ing USA!” and leaped into the crowd of supporters, thus concluding quite possibly the greatest party in American soccer history.