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WATCH: Christian Pulisic says the USMNT will win in Mexico


In case you haven’t noticed, Christian Pulisic is a very confident young man. The 18-year-old shows it on the field and off of it. Just minutes after scoring his country’s only two goals in a 2-0 win over Trinidad and Tobago, he had some bold words for the much-talked about clash between the U.S. and Mexico at Estadio Azteca on Sunday.

During his post-match interview on FOX Sports 1 he ended the spot by proclaiming that his side will go down to Mexico City and win there too.

“It’s gonna be a tough one down there in Mexico. But we really want some revenge on them from when they got us earlier this year. So, we’re really confident going into that game. We’re going to come out with a win there, too.”

BOOM! Fireworks explode. Bald eagles soar. George Washington rides by on a horse. Christian Pulisic is the bold hero we’ve been waiting for and he’s ready to deliver on Sunday. Let it be said, let it be done...