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Eric Lichaj finally got a dog and trolled Arsenal with its name

#GetEricADog was a smashing success.

Eric Lichaj was the talk of the American soccer world this past weekend when he banged in two goals in Nottingham Forest’s FA Cup upset of Arsenal. Soon after the match, the U.S. international told the media that he was one goal away from winning a bet with his wife, who said that the couple could get a dog if he scored a hat trick.

The internet ran with the story and soon the hashtag “#GetEricADog was born and spread about the virtual universe.

After a few days, Lichaj announced via his social media accounts that his wife caved on the bet and let him get the puppy anyways.

Not only does the story have a happy ending, but there’s a twist! Lichaj named the dog “Gunner” after the Gunners of Arsenal, the team he scored the goals against.

If there’s anything better than cute puppies dominating the internet, it’s the trolling of Arsenal. Basically, this is the greatest story to ever happen and it’s not debatable. Good work, Eric! Congrats on the puppy and scoring another one on Arsenal.