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Community Corner: One year later, what positives do we have?

A year ago, our hope was lost. A year later, where has it come back?

Credit: Joshua Ganzermiller, Supporters Eye Photography

October 10, 2017. We already know what happened a year ago today. The United States lost to Trinidad and Tobago, and the USMNT failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup. We’ve lived it and relived it constantly throughout the last year, so there’s no reason to do so today.

So today, we focus on the positive. As the USWNT prepares to complete World Cup qualifying group stage play this evening—ironically, against Trinidad and Tobago—and the USMNT are set to face Colombia in a friendly tomorrow night, today’s Community Corner is about what positives we’ve seen in the last year from U.S. Soccer.

What part of U.S. Soccer or American soccer has been uplifting for you in this past year? Could it be a player’s emergence for club or country, or maybe it’s a particular match where the USMNT or USWNT played extremely well? Maybe, it’s advancements U.S. Soccer has made in the areas of youth development or MLS or USL expansion that you think will be a great boost for American soccer. Whatever it is, we want to hear what has occurred since that infamous night in Couva exactly one year ago that gives you cause to believe that the next year is going to be better.

Today’s a day to be positive about the growth and what we’ve learned in the last year. So, no negative comments. Everyone can find something positive in the last year that we can be proud of U.S. Soccer for doing or happy for the emergence of a player. We want that positivity today. Hit the comments and let us know what positive you can take from the last year.