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Ten elected to U.S. Soccer Athletes’ Council

Landon Donovan and several USWNT players are among those elected.

Ecuador v United States Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Earlier this week, the U.S. Soccer Athletes’ Council, a group representing the various United States Men’s and Women’s National Teams, elected ten representatives to serve four-year terms beginning next year. The council consists of both current and retired players. The elected representatives: Chris Ahrens (Paralympic), Yael Averbuch (WNT), Carlos Bocanegra (MNT), Landon Donovan (MNT), Kevin Hensley (Paralympic), Ali Krieger (WNT), Alex Morgan (WNT), Nick Perera (Beach), Becky Sauerbrunn (WNT), and Lindsay Tarpley (WNT).

Chris Ahrens is the current chair of the Athletes’ Council, while Carlos Bocanegra will serve as the vice chair. Becky Sauerbrunn, Lindsay Tarpley, Chris Ahrens, and Nick Perera were re-elected to their positions on the Council. Six candidates were unsuccessful in their bid to join the council: Sean Boyle (Paralympic), Meghan Klingenberg (WNT), Jason Leopoldo (Beach), Alyssa Naeher (WNT), Samantha Mewis (WNT), and McCall Zerboni (WNT).

The Athletes’ Council consists of twenty members and, per its website, defines athletes as “anyone who has competed for their respective National Team within the last two years OR anyone who has competed in a major world championship within the last ten years.” The Council’s purpose is to “provide a broader means of communication between Athletes and the Federation, as well as to make reports and recommendations to the U.S. Soccer Board of Directors about matters affecting Athletes.”

The Athletes’ Council played a major role in current U.S. Soccer president Carlos Cordeiro’s election, as it allocated its portion of the overall vote (20%) to him as a single bloc. The Council also elects three members to the U.S. Soccer Federation’s Board of Directors.

Surprised by the results? Who do you think would be good members of the Athletes’ Council?