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United States drawn into Group F for Women’s World Cup

Remember the Olympics, Sweden. We sure do.

USA v Sweden Quarterfinal: Women’s Football - Olympics: Day 7 Photo by Celso Junior/Getty Images

The United States now know the path they must take through group stages at the 2019 Women’s World Cup. At the draw today in Paris, they were drawn into Group F along with Thailand, Chile, and old friend Sweden.

Here’s how the group stage schedule will play out for the United States:

USA vs Thailand
June 11, Reims

USA vs Chile
June 16, Paris

USA vs Sweden
June 20, Le Havre

And not to jinx anything, but if they top group, their Round of 16 will be June 24 in Reims against the second place team from Group B. If they come second in group, they’ll have a tougher time playing the second place team from Group E in Paris. (USA-Canada rematch in R16? Hope you like 90+ minutes of hypertension.)

Here’s how the complete draw ended up:

This definitely was a very forgiving draw for the United States. They’ve avoided a lot of heavy hitters in group and may even avoid a powerhouse like Germany until semifinals, depending on how Group B plays out.

How do you feel about this draw? How far do you expect the US to advance now that we know the group schedule?