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FIFA releases Women’s World Cup match calendar

I hear the south of France is lovely in the summer.

FIFA has released the official match calendar for the 2019 World Cup in France.

As previously announced, matches will be spread out over nine cities: Valenciennes, Le Havre, Reims, Paris, Rennes, Lyon, Grenoble, Nice, and Montpelier. The tournament will open in Paris on June 7 and the semis and final will be played in Lyon on July 2-3 and July 7 respectively.


You can download a pdf here.

Confederations are of course still working through the qualifying process so we won’t know where the United States plays for a while. CONCACAF qualifying will take place October 4 - 17, to be hosted by the United States, with venues currently TBD. France will of course be A1 and will open the tournament in Paris.

France is nowhere near as large as Canada and scooting around the French countryside to hit a couple of stadiums isn’t logistically hard, if you’ve got the spare time and cash. Maybe start saving now?