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USSF presidential election: how to watch

When do they send out the white smoke?

The US Soccer presidential election season is almost over. Voting will take place on Saturday, February 10 at the Annual General Meeting, which is already underway in Orlando.

The National Council Meeting begins at 8 AM ET and US Soccer should be live streaming it on through their youtube channel. Voting will be done in rounds until someone emerges with a simple majority of the vote.

Watch below:

In the meantime, here’s some reading material if you haven’t already mentally and emotionally exhausted yourself keeping track of this election.

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Candidate speaking order at the AGM:

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USSF election FAQ

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What’s your issue?: fan concerns about USSF and the election

Last-minute candidate shenanigans at the AGM


Candidate websites:

Paul Caligiuri | Kathy Carter | Carlos Cordeiro | Steve Gans | Kyle Martino | Hope Solo | Michael Winograd | Eric Wynalda