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A closer look at the new USA kits

Peep the details with the official announcement

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The new 2018 jerseys are here for the US women’s and men’s national teams. We already hit you with the preview when the jerseys leaked, but now we can see some of the close-up details and how the jerseys actually move on players.

The USMNT will wear the kit first on March 27 in Cary when they play Paraguay, and the women will debut the three-star version on April 5 against Mexico in Jacksonville.

Here’s the eagle and 13-star graphic on the inside of the jerseys, which you can see below.

USSF also gave this description of the light and dark kits:

While the inspiration of the light kit is grounded in the familiarity of our flag, the dark kit reflects excitement in embracing the unknown through a gesture to space travel notable in the inner pride badge, which features a custom USA icon inspired by NASA Space Mission badges, and sleek, negative shaping of the shirt’s stripes.

And of course the WNT jersey will also feature the three stars, as well as the FIFA World Cup badge for the incumbent title holders.

Check out the debut videos USSF released for the men and women to get a sense for how the uniforms move.

You can also take a look at the uniform details in the joint debut video here:

One lingering question: will they have men’s cut three-star jerseys this time? Nike has previously declined to offer the three-star in men’s sizes, claiming they wanted to avoid “confusion,” though they eventually changed that policy. Currently in the Nike store, there are only men’s jerseys with no stars and women’s jerseys with three stars, but not vice-versa. We’ll see if there’s greater variety when US Soccer eventually updates the jerseys in their online store.

What do you think? Do you like the details? Does this jersey feel fresh or is it too busy? Let us know in the comments.