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Carlos Cordeiro gives possible timetable for hiring USMNT GM

Could the role finally be filled soon?

Soccer: Men's World Cup Soccer Qualifier-Honduras at USA Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The newly-created General Manager role for the U.S. men’s national team could be filled “in the coming weeks” according to U.S. Soccer president, Carlos Cordeiro. Cordeiro revealed that nugget of info Thursday on Twitter in a lengthy letter posted to his official Twitter account.

In the letter, the new president runs down some administrative changes and addresses some random mumbo jumbo about the United World Cup 2026 bid that I don’t care enough about to read. Feel free to wade through it and determine if any of it means anything significant (spoiler: probably not).

The only bit of info that seems pertinent to actual soccer in the long letter is that a timetable seems to be set to hire a GM for the USMNT. He mentions specifically that it’s important to fill the men’s role sooner than the women’s because of the USMNT’s vacancy at the full-time manager’s position.

Reading between the lines a bit, it still feels like there is no feeling at all about which way they want to go with the open manager spot. Interim manager Dave Sarachan wants the job. Tab Ramos apparently wants the job. Surely there are more than a handful of MLS guys who also hope to be in consideration. Then there’s also the possibility of looking abroad for a big-name hire. This decision will apparently lie in the hands of the new GM and we can expect this role to be filled soon.