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Watch Carli Lloyd score her 100th goal


Mexico vs United States Photo by Logan Bowles/Getty Images

It’s been a long road for 35-year-old Carli Lloyd. She entered this game against Mexico on 99 goals in 251 caps for the United States. Now, in a milestone that not a lot of players reach (in goals or in caps), Lloyd has made it a round 100. Watch below:

Yeah, it’s a dinky little poached header, but that’s kind of fitting in a way. Not every goal is a chip from midfield or a crazy outside the box volley. Sometimes it’s just about getting results from the grind, and in 100 goals, there’s going to be world beaters and there’s going to be garbage. It takes all kinds to get those exalted numbers.

She joins some pretty august company in the 100 club with that goal:

As ever, Lloyd will undoubtedly be pleased but unfazed by the milestone. Once you score a hatty at the World Cup, everything else is probably gravy. Also did we mention it’s 100 goals? That sounds like a lot.