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CONCACAF U17 women’s championship will play on in Florida

The tournament will resume after leaving Nicaragua due to safety concerns.

The Concacaf Women’s U-17 championship was supposed to take place this year in Managua, Nicaragua from April 19 - 29. Unfortunately, violence broke out in Managua and other cities in the wake of anti-government protests over social security reforms, compounded by accusations of police brutality against civilians. US Soccer issued a statement on April 22 saying the championship was cancelled and that they would be pulling the team and staff from the country. At this time, the United States had only played one game along with the rest of Group B, while Group A teams had played two games.

The federation announced today that the championship will resume at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida from June 6 - 12. Group B games will continue, while in Group A only Haiti and Mexico will return as Puerto Rico and Nicaragua were eliminated from semifinal qualification. The tournament schedule is now as follows:

The United States currently sits at the top of Group B with their 4-0 win over Costa Rica. Canada is just behind them, only one goal behind on goal differential.

Three teams from this tournament will qualify for the U-17 Women’s World Cup, to be hosted in Uruguay from November 13 - December 1.