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Download our World Cup 2018 calendar

Color coded just for you calendar nerds out there.

Hey! Do you want to follow the 2018 World Cup but also don’t want to be constantly googling match times and converting to your time zone? Boy do we have a deal for you!

Stars & Stripes FC has the google calendar you need, with match times in ET and color coded groups. We’ll also keep it updated as the tournament progresses to knockout rounds so you don’t have to constantly refer back to who was 1A or 2F.

Look at the calendar in your browser

Download the ical to sync to your device

We’re only a month out, and even though the United States won’t be in the tournament, we’ll be keeping you up to date with previews, how to watch posts, discussion threads, and more. Just because the USMNT aren’t in it doesn’t mean you can’t still get emotionally invested and then have to take a little time for yourself when your team gets knocked out. Who knows! Maybe your team will win it all! Since when has hoping for anything good backfired recently for American soccer fans! We’re completely over it and we made this calendar for you to prove it!