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United Bid wins right to host 2026 World Cup

The world’s greatest tournament is returning to North America.

US, Canadian And Mexican Soccer Federations Make Major Announcement Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The 2026 World Cup is coming to a city near you! Just a few minutes ago, the 68th FIFA Congress voted for the United Bid of the United States, Mexico, and Canada to be the hosts of the 2026 World Cup. The vote comes after months of campaigning for votes around the world by members of the bid committee.

In the end, despite some earlier worries about support for Morocco, the other bid up for consideration, the vote total wasn’t close. 134 countries voted for the United Bid, to 65 for Morocco and 1 voting for neither bid. It will be the first men’s World Cup to be contested in North America since the USA hosted in 1994, still the largest attended World Cup in history. It will also likely be the first World Cup to have 3 opening matches on the same day, with the host nations opening in Mexico City, Pasadena, and Toronto according to their video proposal.

This is a monumental day for soccer fans not just in the United States, but all across North America as the World Cup returns in 2026. There will be more to resolve as we move forward, including whether all 3 nations will receive automatic bids as the hosts. But, rejoice 8 years time, the World Cup will be right in our backyard!