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2018 World Cup Day 25, Semifinals: Match thread and discussion

Win or go... well to the third place match

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Brazil v Belgium: Quarter Final - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Ah yes, here we are - the semi-finals. It is hard to believe that after nearly a month the World Cup is speeding towards its conclusion. Today will feature one of the most anticipated matchups in the tournament: France vs. Belgium.

The narrative is thick with questions to be answered, like: Will France be celebrating Bastille Day by preparing for the World Cup final or by playing in the dreaded third place match? Can we settle once and for all if they are French or Belgian fries? Is Roberto Martinez a good coach who was saddled with bad players and worse ownership at Everton or has he been getting things just right enough with a talented group that is making him better than he looks? As for that France team, will they continue to illustrate the defensive strategy that has gotten them to this point, or will Didier Deschamps unleash his side’s talented attackers? Who will Fox pointlessly decide is a villain in this game because they seemingly aren’t devoting the resources to meaningfully tell the stories that the tournament is giving them?

We will find out that and much more later this afternoon.

How to watch

France vs. Belgium

Location: Saint Petersburg Stadium, Saint Petersburg

Kick-off time: 2:00pm Eastern, 11:00am Pacific

Available TV: Fox (English), Telemundo (Spanish)

Available streaming: Fox Sports Go (App/Website), Telemundo (Website), FuboTV (Free Trial)

This thread will be your match thread. We don’t have many rules here. We just ask that you don’t insult each other personally and treat each other with respect. Debates can get heated and that’s fine, but name-calling and petty insults will get you banned. If you see a comment that you feel is out of line, please report it and it will be dealt with.