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Christian Pulisic is the hero America needs

Talent and compassion goes a long way.

Christian Pulisic is enjoying a very successful preseason with Borussia Dortmund. While it may just be meaningless games to get ready for the real thing, the 19-year-old American is playing with a higher level of confidence and focus under new manager Lucien Favre.

While scoring goals, making amazing solo runs, and setting up chances bodes well for Pulisic’s upcoming season, perhaps his best showing so far this summer wasn’t during a match.

After a two-goal performance against Liverpool in Charlotte on Sunday, the U.S. international was set to give a post-match when he was interrupted by a young fan looking to take a picture with his hero.

Before he could grant the boy’s wish, security quickly intervened and hauled the fan away from the field. However, Pulisic wasn’t having it. He darted away from his interview to stop the kid from being ejected and took the picture.

While it’s important to not encourage pitch invaders for the safety of the players, you cannot help but love the way Pulisic reacted to the situation. He’s proven time and time again that he has the composure and talent to succeed at the highest level. Now he’s beginning to show that he’s capable of being a superstar off of it.

He may still just be 19, but it’s hard not to envision the USMNT captain’s armband around his arm sometime in the future. Well done, Christian. Keep being an awesome player and person.