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Notable quotables: USWNT players react after USA vs Australia

Player thoughts on the game and team after tying Australia 1 - 1.

Amy Pearson

The United States women’s national team salvaged a 1-1 tie against Australia in the Tournament of Nations on Sunday. Later in the mixed zone, they broke down parts of the game for assembled media. Here are some of the most notable quotes from the players who spoke to the press.

Carli Lloyd on moving to a role as a forward coming off the bench

“I’ve had loads of talks with Jill. I respect her decision, being the coach, but I also know that this is the fittest I’ve ever been. People want to talk age, they can talk age all they want but I feel super fit and healthy at 36. I’m continuously developing my game. I know she’s playing other players and I respect that but I know that I still have a lot left to give this team. And I want to win another World Cup, I want to help the team win another World Cup, and I know how to do that and I think that I still can totally impact this team. The things that I can control is doing what I’m doing. Continuously developing my game. Continuously getting better. Continuously working hard each and every day, and that’s really all I can control at the moment, and we’ll see what happens.”

Becky Sauerbrunn takes responsibility

“Usually we score early and we score often, and so it’s nice to see these kinds of things early on. Obviously these games matter but when we’re in qualifiers or in the World Cup, you need to be able to come back in all sorts of situations and we actually worked on situational stuff this camp just in case we were down a goal and we really had to push for one, so it’s really reaffirming for us that we got one at the end. And just personally I feel really responsible for that first goal so it was kind of a weight off my back that we got one back at the end.

“De Vanna cut me and then it was a fast break and we didn’t have enough numbers back, we couldn’t catch up to them. It all started with me.”

Megan Rapinoe has bantz for Ellie Carpenter

“I’m not actually sure the strategy of [Ellie Carpenter] in defending me. I’d change it up if I was her. She’s young and maybe not as savvy as some defenders but I felt like she was just giving me too much of what I wanted and what was comfortable for me and so she just needs to switch that up a little bit. I think her teammates will probably go back and tell her whenever we play her again to switch it up a little bit.”

Emily Sonnett sums it up

“When are they going to learn to mark Lindsey Horan in the six, that’s what I want to know.”

Also of note...

Megan Rapinoe on the current state of the NWSL

“The competition level is world class. I think Courage are beating Lyon right now 1-0 on a Heather O’Reilly goal, which is this is the only time anybody’s every going to root for the Courage from all of us. Obviously they’re in their preseason, they’re probably not at their full strength at Lyon. I think that our competition level’s world class. There are still a lot of things that aren’t world class that we’re working towards. Facilities, and standards, and playing surfaces and all that. It’s kind of a battle of pushing as hard as you can but also pushing to a level that we can actually get stuff done and we’re not just asking for brand new stadiums everywhere. Obviously that’s not realistic. So that kind of constant battle, toeing the line. But I feel like it’s going well. I think there’s still a few franchises that probably, frankly, have to get lopped off and a few other better ones have to come in. I think that’s kind of the point we’re at. There’s quite a few franchises in the league that are very strong and have definite staying power for sure.”

Carli Lloyd was also asked about NWSL, but given the recent reports on the state of her club, Sky Blue FC, she demurred, saying, “Right now, I’m focusing on [Tournament of Nations]. So I think we can discuss that at another point.”