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Community corner: what’s your favorite Clint Dempsey memory?

What are the moments, big and small, that stand out in Dempsey’s career?

Honduras v United States - FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

So. Clint Dempsey has retired from professional soccer. Retirements are always a time of contemplation, particularly when someone who’s been so entrenched in American soccer decides that they’re ready for what life has to offer next. For someone with as storied a career as Dempsey, many US Soccer fans have grown up watching him, their memories of the sport stretching through the years with Dempsey ever present.

Dempsey once allegedly told Michael Bradley “I just want to score goals and go fishing.” Well the goals are all done and in the history books, and now Dempsey can enjoy some well-earned time on the water, patiently waiting to hook some bass. He’s said all he means to say on a field, leaving it now to the fans to memorialize a career well spent.

What’s your favorite memory of Clint Dempsey, on or off the pitch? Let us know in the comments!